Top electronic steadicams for your phone.

Top electronic steadicams for your phone.

Fans of video filming on a mobile phone sooner or later come to the conclusion that no matter how sophisticated their gadget is and no matter how good its optical and electronic stabilization is, it is extremely difficult to get maximum quality video content without using an external stabilizer for the phone. In our today’s rating, you will get acquainted with the most relevant today models of steadicams, both automatic and semi-automatic.

No. 10

Price: 990 rubles.

The most budgetary option

# 9 – XRide X1 Sport.

Price: 4900 rubles.

This gimbal is perfect for taking selfies, it fixes the phone in one axis. An excellent lightweight and compact device that perfectly stabilizes the smartphone horizontally. Such a steadicam can be used both with mobile phones with a diagonal of up to six inches, and with action cameras. The fasteners are made conscientiously and give confidence that the gadget will not slip out of your hands at the most inopportune moment.

The stab is also protected from dust and rain, and is generally elementary to operate. The disadvantages are obvious – fixation along one axis is clearly not enough for professional video shooting, and the lack of zoom completely puts an end to any undertakings other than recording video from the front camera for your blog.

No. 8

Price: 7900 rubles.

Not as smooth and clear video stabilization as that of the triumphant of our rating, but compared to peers from its own and lower price category, it is an undeniable favorite. Made of plastic, this stabilizer does not provide the same traction as magnesium alloy models, but overall, everything is assembled with soul and knowledge.


The main trump card is a fantastic battery life, as much as 12 hours, even the longest wedding can be fixed without using a charger. The swing angle is maximum – full 360 degrees, which is a rarity among similar devices. It is a pity that this device tracks only movements, not objects, and some competitors do it faster. The zoom is not bad, but rather harsh.

# 7 – FeiYu Tech SPG.

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